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Cover Your Baby With The Best From Baby Blossom

Baby Blossom: Merge Comfort with Quality for Your Baby's Needs!

Wrap your baby in luxury with our premium muslin baby towels. Soft, durable, and versatile, they're perfect for bath time and beyond.

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Best Affordable Baby Towels and Blankets in Nairobi, Kenya

Wrap your little one in cozy comfort with our muslin baby bath towels available in Nairobi. We also deliver to all Counties in Kenya

Smooth and gentle

Say goodbye to scratchy towels and hello to the softest, most gentle muslin baby towels you've ever felt. Made from premium 100 % cotton, these towels are perfect for keeping your baby warm and snug after bath time. Muslin baby towels are also incredibly durable, so you can enjoy their luxurious softness wash after wash for years to come. You will not need any fabric softener because they get softer with every wash.


Our muslin baby towels are not just for drying off – they can be used for swaddling your newborn, providing a soft surface for tummy time, as a stroller cover and even as a bed cover! These towels are as versatile as they are luxurious.

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Wash cloths

Looking for a gentle way to cleanse your baby's delicate skin? Our muslin wash cloths are here to save the day! Made from the same ultra-soft cotton as our towels, these cloths are perfect for washing your little one's sensitive skin without any irritation.


With our muslin baby towels and wash cloths, bath time will become a soothing ritual that both you and your baby will look forward to. While affordable, we offer luxurious softness to you through our muslin baby towels.

Treat your little one to the best with Baby Blossom – Happy Baby, Happy Mama!

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