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Solid Color Muslin cotton towel/blanket

KSh 1600

Our Premium Cotton Muslin Bath Towel for Baby is a testament to quality, safety, and versatility. Designed with utmost care and precision, this towel ensures that your baby experiences the gentlest, most comforting touch after every bath.

Key Features:

1. High-Quality Natural Cotton: Crafted from high-quality natural cotton, our baby towels are soft, clean, and odorless. We prioritize the safety of your baby by avoiding the use of softeners or additives, ensuring a pure and gentle touch.

2. Durable Hemming Design: Our muslin baby towels feature a new hemming design that enhances durability, making them resistant to thread unraveling. Even after machine washing, they won't shrink or deform.

3. Extra Soft and Absorbent: These towels are designed to be extra soft and fluffy, just like a mother's embrace. The honeycomb embossing design enhances moisture absorption, locking it in without the need for repeated wiping.

4. Large Size for Versatility: With dimensions of 40x40 inches (105x105cm), these towels are generously sized, offering a multitude of uses beyond bath time. They can accompany your baby's growth journey and adapt to various needs.

Key Benefits:

a. Gentle on Baby's Skin: Our towels are crafted with the utmost care to ensure they are soft and gentle, providing a sense of security to your baby's delicate skin.

b. Quick Absorption: The special embossing design allows these towels to absorb moisture quickly, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.

c. Versatile Use: These towels can serve as swaddle blankets, beach towels, nursing covers, and more, making them a versatile addition to your baby essentials.

d. Multipurpose: Made of breathable and sweat-absorbent muslin fabric, they are suitable for outdoor activities, keeping your baby warm and dry even after a swim or a day at the beach.

What’s in the package?
One 40 *40 inches muslin square

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What’s in the package?
One 40 *40 inches muslin square

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