Baby blossom products can be used for up to 12+ months after opening (new press release)

TO OUR ESTEEMED CUSTOMERS  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ON DECEMBER 19th 2020 Being a customer led brand, we thank all our customers in Kenya and beyond for your trust, continued support and loyalty. We would like to thank our customers for trusting our brand. We continue welcoming your feedback which we have highly valued receiving over the years. Recently, we received […]

Who is Kenya’s perfect woman Research has it that 92% of women feel a strong desire to change how they look. As a brand whose  mission is to make the African woman feel more confident in the choices she makes, we set out to  elevate these beautiful ladies’ self esteem. We ran a 360 degrees experience for the Kenyan ladies  on Jamhuri day.  To […]

Mama’s youtube corner episode 1 A babies skin is so sensitive. That is why you should use a regimen that works! On the first episode of mama’s youtube corner, we interviewed Dr. Ndarathi of demallure skin centre. We asked her among many other things which skin care routines should be followed by mothers and babies. Click the link above to watch the entire video […]