Toddlers’ skin is still very sensitive and soft. Parents have to be very careful and diligent so as to maintain the soft skin and prevent it from damaging due to harsh products available in the market. Once babies start eating solids and exploring their world through crawling and walking, dirt is more inevitable so it’s […]

Toddler discipline

I have two toddlers in my house and its holiday time….again. I’ve been trying to implement a cleanup routine just before bed time and after playtime because you know it can be quite messy if you have a toddler in the house. I like to sing that clean up song they like… ‘Clean up! Clean […]

Surprising benefits of the calendula flower for your baby’s skin

This beautiful natural bloom is filled with medicinal benefits, not only for babies but all skin types. Calendula is a herbal plant, whose flowers are used to prepare medicines, and especially homeopathic medicine. Commonly known as the Marigold, it has got anti-inflammatory properties which naturally heal cuts, wounds and other inflammatory skin diseases.  With antibacterial […]

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